Resolute International Marketing BV is a producer of alcoholic and non alcoholic bevarages and RTD drinks

Resolute International is a producer of a range of quality liquor, beers and spirits

Resolute International

Producer of Hooper's Hooch the world's first and most successful RTD drink

Resolute International Marketing BVis a producer of alcoholic and non alcoholic bevarages and RTD drinks with offices in The Netherlands and the UK. Resolute International is the proud producer of the famous Hooper's Hooch, the world's first and most successful RTD product. Hooch is known throughout the world and is marketed globally from Europe to Asia. Resolute also produces a range of other fine quality beverage products.

Producer of alcoholic and non alcoholic bevarages

Resolute alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage products are continually being reviewed, developed, produced and shipped under the constant control of own very experienced and committed management team in the fields of marketing solutions, production management, product development, quality control and transport supervision.

Producer of Hooper's Hooch - the world's finest RTD

Hooch is fun and exciting with a wonderful taste that is crisp, fruity and fresh. Hooch is currently available in five flavours - Apple, Orange, Lemon, Blackcurrant and Blood Orange. Each flavour enjoys the full taste of fruit and the cutting edge of premium vodka. Only the finest quality ingredients are used to produce Hooper's Hooch, the world's finest RTD. Hooch is supplied in 275ml bottles at 5% alc. and is packed in cases of 24 bottles.

Hooper's Hooch - brief history

The original Hooch was launched in the early nineties as Hooper's Ginger Brew, the product was very well received and after a period of development other flavours were introduced. Lemon was launched in the UK during 1995 and during 1996, Apple Hooch and Blackcurrant Hooch were also introduced. In 1997 Hooch was exported to the USA and to South Africa and became an immediate success in both countries. Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, sales of Hooper's Hooch escalated rapidly with a sales exceeding 5 million cases per annum. During 1999 Hooch was launched in Russia where sales quickly achieved volumes well in excess of one million cases per annum.

Producer of Resolute Super Premium Dutch Vodka

The very best Vodka, 100% Finest Grain Vodka - 5 times distilled and diluted with only the purist water - so smooth, so fresh. Resolute Super Premium is, without doubt, one of the world's finest vodkas. Only the finest quality ingredients are used by highly skilled Dutch craftsmen to produce this supreme vodka - the culmination of many years experience - simply the best.

To the same supreme vodka, the Resolute product development department has developed and added two superb flavours that offer amazing new tastes. Lemongrass and Pomegranate which add a new dimension of delicacy, freshness and flavour that will add to any special occasion.

Producer of NEXY Power Drink

Tired after a long day's work or hectic sporting activity ? Re-charge yourself with NEXY POWER DRINK. The very best Energy Drink is now available - NEXY the Power Drink

NEXY POWER DRINK is a non-bitter and non-medicine flavoured Energy Drink. Resolute products are better tasting and are priced lower than the 'so called' market leaders. NEXY offers incomparable taste as only the very finest ingredients are used and provides the level of energy that can only come from the very best.

NEXY POWER DRINK is a drink that, due to its exceptional composition, provides the body with extra energy during times of increased physical strain or stress. NEXY POWER DRINK contains many ingredients including ; Taurine, Guarana, Ginseng, Maca Root, Glucoronolactone as well as many important vitamins and carbohydrates. This unique composition of ingredients provides the following effects :

- Increased physical endurance
- Improved reaction speed and concentration
- Increased mental alertness
- Improved overall feeling of well being
- Stimulated metabolism and increased stamina

For more information on Hooper's Hooch and other products produced by Resolute International, please contact the following :

Head Office: Resolute International Marketing BV
Telephone: +31 320 232720

UK Office: Resolute International Marketing BV
Telephone: +44 1983 566090

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